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We are introducing a Belgian vodka with zest with Filliers vodka.

The creation of premium spirits is a craft which we, at Filliers Distillery, have been working on with a huge amount of passion since 1880. The story started more than 140 years ago with the distilling of an ancient spirit, namely genever. Many generations of Master Distillers have been working on new products like gin and whisky throughout the years. The only thing still missing was a premium grain vodka.

And we now finally have an answer to this too, thanks to the creation of three premium (grain) vodkas: Filliers Grain Vodka, Filliers Lemon Vodka and Filliers Wild Strawberry Vodka.

These three vodkas, just like the other premium spirits from our distillery, are distilled in Bachte-Maria-Leerne. “Filliers Grain Vodka is our own interpretation of this very pure and popular spirit. We have used grain alcohol of the purest kind based on wheat as a basis for this, produced via a column distillation. This spirit is subsequently distilled one more time in our traditional copper stills, to which we add an extra grain distillate. This has given the Filliers Grain Vodka an extra depth in taste.” according to Pedro Saez del Burgo, Master Distiller.

In addition to the pure grain vodka, we will also immediately be introducing two flavoured vodkas to the market. Filliers Lemon Vodka, a version enriched with a distillate of sun-ripened lemons and citrus juice and Filliers Wild Strawberry Vodka, a version enriched with a distillate of Belgian wild strawberries. This extraordinary fruit is only seen in moist woodland areas with little sunlight.

With the opening of terraces and summer now fast approaching, we are sure the cocktails with our vodkas are going to be a big hit. From a refreshing Moscow Mule or Lemon Drop to a sweet Wild Strawberry Cosmo, enjoy our craftsmanship.

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