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In addition to a long experience in producing its own brands, Filliers Distillery can help other companies active in the spirits business with various services. These range from supplying spirits in bulk or custom made spirit development to bottling and packaging. With an annual production of more than three million liters, Filliers Distillery is one of the largest suppliers of its kind.


Fermentation, distillation, rectification

The fermentation and distillation of grains has been the main business of Filliers Distillery since 1880. This makes the distillery one of the top players in the production of new spirits on a global scale. The company has a variety of different mashing methods for almost all types of grain (malt, wheat, rye, oats, corn, sorghum, …) both organic and non-organic. In addition, its master distillers provide the necessary assistance and advice to make the right selection and proportions of grains.

The distillery is a professional partner for other professionals who need help with distilling or rectifying spirits. For this different types of distilling installations are used for the distillation of grains, herbs and fruit.

Over the years, the distillery has accumulated extensive knowledge of raw materials as well as “cutting” spirits and other distillation techniques. In addition to the first distillation, there also is a second and / or third distillation, depending on the customer’s needs.

Filliers Distillery can have these products delivered in bulk almost anywhere in the world, completely according to the wishes of the customer..

Liquid Engineering

In addition to guiding specific needs for various spirit processing companies, Filliers Distillery can also help companies with a tailor-made development process for any type of spirit.

The master distillers have access to flexible distillation options that enable them to make an extensive arsenal of spirits such as: gin, genever, whisky (new spirits), vodka, flavored spirits, liqueurs, distillates, malt wine, …

Bottling & Packaging

Despite the fact that distilling is the core business of Filliers Distillery, the distillery also has its own bottling plant. With different lines available, Filliers Distillery can fill and label bottles according to different methods.

This service can also be provided in combination with the production of spirits.

Maturing of distillates

Filliers Distillery has one of the largest maturing capacities in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg. This allows the distillery to offer various options for aging spirits.

Thanks to the experience of ageing for many years, Filliers Distillery has the necessary knowledge and reliable partners to mature spirits effectively. Both on Bourbon barrels, Sherry barrels, Limousin barrels, … The correct blending of the different barrels (if necessary) is of course obvious.

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