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Quality & Cerftificates

Quality & Cerftificates

IFS Global Markets is a quality and food safety management system, intended for both retailers and manufacturers of food products. Filliers Distillery is audited annually and has an IFS certificate.

FCA: The Feed Chain Alliance Standard (formerly GMP regulation) is a reliable quality system that has been developed for and through the entire animal feed chain.

The European recognized BIO quality mark guarantees that products that claim to be organic, actually comply with organic legislation. All our organic products have this guarantee.

Hager Kashrus Committee is a rabbinical organization in Antwerp which provides kosher certificates. The certificate insures that the product or company is strictly kosher and follows the kosher guidelines. This kosher certificate is internationally renowned and stands for reliability and quality. Also, it will upgrade the commercial value of the product.

We are committed to the environment

Filliers Distillery is a member of Val-i-Pac, a recognized Belgian organisation that stimulates and coordinates the recycling of industrial packaging.

Filliers Distillery is a member of Fostplus. Fostplus supports and stimulates prevention initiatives and the recycling of household packaging waste.

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