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In addition to finished products that we bring to the consumer, we also have various products that we make for professionals within the spirit sector (Spirits Raw Materials).


Spirits Raw Materials

We have a variety of mash bills, ranging from single grains up to three types of grain in the mash in which corn, rye, malted barley, oats, malted rye and sorghum can be used. After fermentation, all spirits are distilled at least twice in order to achieve the desired quality.

Besides grains, botanicals and fruit are processed in our gin distillery to create mono distillates or gin extracts, with various organic alternatives at our disposal. Below an non-exhaustive list of our distillates, all on 80 ABV.

New spirits
Matured Spirits

New spirits (47 – 96.2 ABV)

• 100% malt (malted barley)
• T23 (corn, rye, wheat)
• EDS (rye, malt, corn)
• Filliers (wheat, corn)
organic optional
• 100% rye (malted rye)
• Neutral grain alcohol 96.2%vol
• Others upon request

Matured spirits (63 ABV)

• Single malt whisky 3YO
• Others upon request

Distillates (80 ABV)

Fruit Distillates

• Apple
• Cocoa
• Elderberries
• Lemon
• Lime
• Mandarin
• Orange
• Red pepper
• Yuzu

Botanical distillates

• Allspice
• Angelica root
• Anise
• Black tea
• Cardamon
• Coriander
• Ginger
• Juniper
• Liquorice

Gin distillates

• Classic style
• Old style
• Pickled style
• Provence style

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