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One site,
three distilleries

One site,
three distilleries

Five generations of Master Distillers

The five generations have each left their DNA and contributed to the company with its three distilleries: genever, gin and whisky.

Secret recipes immediately speak to the imagination. But just as important is the accumulated knowledge & know-how.

Three distilleries

Filliers Distillery has three different distilleries, one for gin, one for genever & one for whisky. Which is unique in Belgium. Although these drinks have many similarities, many differences can also be observed. In this way, these spirits each go through their own process.

Whisky distillery

Genever distillery

Gin distillery

Barrel Ageing

The maturing (barrel ageing) of spirits started in the 1960’s. Initially this happened in Bourbon barrels made from American oak, exclusively for Filliers genevers. Later also Sherry barrels made from European oak were introduced, barrels that are still dedicated to the maturing of the Single Malt Whisky.

It is a point of pride to mention that the Bourbon & Sherry traits in the flavour are actually derived from the wood, just like the colour, and not from added aromas or colouring agents.

Thanks to the pioneering work of Carlos & Louis Filliers, Filliers Distillery now has one of the largest maturation capacities in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg.

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