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Filliers Distillery has been distilling premium spirits such as genever, gin, whisky and vodka for more than 140 years. The artisan distillery uses traditional copper alambic stills for this. Thanks to the passion and craftsmanship of five generations of master distillers, the Filliers family has perfected the delicate process of distilling and cutting.

This allows them to market some of the most exquisite spirits. Filliers Distillery has three different production departments, one for genever and new spirits, one for gin and one for whisky. This is also unique, in addition to the fact that Filliers Distillery is one of the last warm distilleries in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg.

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Quality & Certificates

Quality is one of the foundations of Filliers Distillery. Over the years, the distillery has been able to perfect its products and the firing processes.

In addition to its experience, the family distillery also only makes use of the best ingredients in its products. Furthermore, there is also a guarantee of strict food safety.

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