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This traditional single malt whisky is distilled in the Glenfarclas Distillery in Ballindalloch, the family distillery with the largest stills in Speyside. This Scottish region along the River Spey, between Inverness and Aberdeen, is the cradle of single malt whiskys.

The taste of whisky is determined by the softness of the water, the purity of the air, the peat above which the malt grains are dried and the maturation in the barrels (wood type and number of years). Glenfarclas (“the valley with the green grass”) is characterised by its strong Sherry flavor.


Perfected for generations since 1833, Glengoyne whisky is distilled in the slowest and most gentle way in Scotland to create a unique flavor. Peat is not used during the drying of the barley, bringing out the subtle, complex flavors of the slow distillation and the exquisite wood in the whisky. Glengoyne’s natural colour only develops with time and through the wood.

The whisky is aged in hand-selected Sherry casks, which are stored just three high in the cool darkness of stone storehouses.


It starts with a clear vision where nothing is left to chance. The quality of Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky is determined by the barley malt and spring water used. The barley malt contains delicate aspects of peat that also shine through in the final product.

After distillation, an exclusive selection is made of the best European oak Sherry barrels for maturation. These casks are of exactly the same type as the ones used by the original owners in 1897. They give a whole history of Sherry & wood to the whisky. This richness consists of aromatic flavors & a refined color.


Rosebank whisky is a plain, triple distilled Lowland Single Malt. It is considered one of the finest Lowland malt whiskys due to its fruity and floral style obtained by triple distillation.

When the structure of the building began to crumble in 2017, Ian Macleod Distillers prevented Rosebank from becoming a footnote in history by buying up the dilapidated whisky location. In this way he breathed new life into the buildings and their surrounding community. Ian Macleod’s mission is to bring the distillery back to life, bring back tourism, create jobs for the city and most importantly: make fantastic whisky!


The Islay Single Malt Scotch whisky provides strong sensations of peat, smoke and spices. Accents of sea salt come through on the margins. A touch of sweetness breaks the heaviness and provides fans with a spectacular & contemporary taste explosion. Smokehead is a whisky for the connoisseur: uncompromising, unexpected and certainly provocative.


Tokinoka’s history begins in 1679 when the White Oak Distillery started producing sake. In 1919, this distillery was the first in Japan to receive a license to distill whisky.

Initially only single malts were created, which were then combined. The translation of the name Tokinoka, “bouquet of the times” insinuates a delicate interplay of soft balanced flavors of cereals, vanilla and fruit. This makes this whisky particularly suitable for getting acquaintance with the category.


The Italian family business was founded in 1821 and is today run by the last three of seven generations. Luxardo is therefore one of the oldest European producers of liqueurs and spirits.

Authentic copper stills, maturing vats, recipes and 20,000 Marasca cherry trees keep the tradition alive, while warehouses, bottling lines and operations are fully compliant with today’s standards. Both go hand in hand and provide a range of quirky typical Italian products. Maraschino liqueur, Sambuca, Amaretto, but also the internationally acclaimed Limoncello.


Stroh Rum is an officially recognized & protected Austrian specialty and can call itself “Inländer Rum” because of its 100% Austrian origin. It is made from Austrian sugar cane molasses and the best essences & finest aromas according to a secret recipe. This rum would therefore have a special taste but also a primal power, like an elixir of life. A fine fragrance is in complete harmony with flowers and a delicate sweetness.


Under the motto “Once forbidden, now reborn”, Remedy provides an intriguing mystery. The rum was created during Prohibition in the 1920’s in America, when it was forbidden to produce, transport and sell alcohol.

Pharmacists could be an exception under strict conditions. And there an industrious alchemist experimented with rum by adding the finest ingredients. Vanilla, orange zest and cinnamon. “This is what life tastes like. Sweet, strong and rich.”


The history of Centenario rum started in 1985, in the city of San José in Costa Rica. After the successful launch of the 7 year old “Añejo Especial” as the first rum within the Centenario rum family – named after a well-known racing horse -, the portfolio continued to grow. Year after year, this pioneer has been joined by many other extraordinary rums brought to life by master blender Doña Susana Masis.


Introducing Caleño: where dancing to your own music is the norm. At Caleño, it’s all about vibrant fun without alcohol. Inspired by the lively flavors and joyful atmosphere of Colombia, founder Ellie Webb created a range of tropical, alcohol-free beverages. Whether you opt for the unique twist of Caleño Light & Zesty or the boldly exotic taste of Caleño Dark & Spicy, every sip is a dance party for your taste buds. Join the non-alcoholic fiesta, and enjoy, dance, and cheers with Caleño!

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