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The next step for our distillery, Single Malt Whisky

Filliers Distillery has been working without interruption since 1880 to improve its products and the know-how to refine them.

This effectively started 140 years ago with the distilling of genever.
Over time, however, several generations of the family were also looking for new products to distill.

For example, Firmin Filliers started distilling the first Belgian gin in 1928. A pioneer at that time as gin was totally unknown in Belgium. The fifth generation who entered the distillery also had such pioneer blood in them. The cousins ​​Jan and Bernard Filliers wanted to market a whisky.

They started various tests and came on the market in 2007 with the first Belgian whisky, the Goldlys. The cousins ​​learned a lot from the creation of this everyday dram and the contact with other, mainly Scottish, distillers. This allowed them to mature a first version of a Single Malt Whisky in cask ten years ago.

However, they did not want to make an “average” single malt whisky, but a version that had a lot more complexity. That’s why they chose to mature in Sherry casks. What makes these barrels so special?

These barrels are made of European oak which is a lot stiffer. As a result, the taste evolution just develops after seven years of ageing, releasing only then the hints of the wood and the Sherry that used to be in the barrels. So much more time is needed here than with an American (Bourbon) barrel, which will release its flavors after just three months.

Since Sherry can only be made in the Sherry triangle in Spain, while Bourbon barrels are available throughout the whole of the United States, it is of course difficult to obtain these sought-after and expensive barrels.

After ten years, and many tastings later, it was time to bottle this whisky. A bottle with the same look & prestige as whisky provided inspiration that led to a concept reminiscent of the roaring twenties. Stately yet elegant, premium yet accessible. The 10 year old Filliers Single Malt Whisky was born.

With this limited release of 5,500 bottles, a taste of the craftsmanship is being given, a precious delight that Filliers Distillery was able to bottle for you. Taste it now and enjoy it to the full!

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