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Elevate Your Enjoyment: Caleño – Tropical Non-Alcoholic Spirits Now Available through Filliers!

At Filliers, we take pride in constantly looking ahead and catering to the evolving desires of our customers. Therefore, we are delighted to inform you about a remarkable addition to our range. Starting now, we are the proud distributor of Caleño – the UK’s leading independent non-alcoholic brand, which was founded in the UK by Ellie Webb in 2019. With the inclusion of Caleño in our assortment, we are now extending non-alcoholic options within our diverse import selection.

Caleño: Non-Alcoholic Delight with a Touch of Colombian Passion

In a time when people are increasingly mindful of their well-being and health, we understand the desire for flavorful alternatives to alcoholic beverages. With this in mind, we introduce Caleño to our collection, a brand that excels in offering high-quality non-alcoholic spirits inspired by the flavors of Colombia.  

With Caleño, you can savor the delightful complexity of cocktails without the effects of alcohol. Each of their bottles captures the vibrancy of Colombian culture and its breathtaking landscape, providing a sophisticated and refreshing experience for those consciously opting for a non-alcoholic alternative.

Explore Flavor Variety: Caleño Dark & Spicy and Caleño Light & Zesty

At Filliers, we recognize that everyone possesses a unique taste preference. Hence, we are thrilled to offer two splendid variations of Caleño, each with its own character:

Caleño Dark & Spicy: A rum alternative that presents deep, indulgent flavors with hints of exotic spices and warming seasonings. Mixed with cola or ginger ale, Caleño Dark & Spicy guarantees an unforgettable taste experience.

Caleño Light & Zesty: the perfect gin alternative for those who prefer a refreshing and airy choice. This version captures the essence of carefree summer with its effervescent citrus aromas and unique components. It’s a fantastic option for mixing with tonic water, embodying the vibrant spirit of summer.

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