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Filliers Distillery again scores internationally, this time at the SIP Awards

According to annual tradition, some Filliers products were scrutinised during the SIP Awards in California … On the one hand, great importance is attached to its presence as one of the last warm distilleries in Belgium at competitive contests, and to have products assessed there by a recognised professional jury of bartenders, master distillers, … On the other hand, the opinion of the consumer is just as important, an element in which the SIP Awards distinguishes itself from others, as an international competition whose jury only consists of consumers.

The results were eagerly awaited on Friday August 7. With five entries, including gin, genever & single malt whisky, expectations were high about the results of the submitted Filliers products.

Despite a very difficult start due to the worldwide Covid crisis, they were redeemed, and great prizes were won! The Filliers Dry Gin 28 – Classic received a gold medal in the category. Subsequently, the Pure & Young Genever was awarded a double gold medal with an extremely high score in the Genever category. According to the description, products awarded with double gold are highly recommended.

The Barrel Aged Genever that matured for 8 years in Bourbon barrels achieved a golden medal and the 17 year old reference was awarded with silver. Although this last reference achieved “only” silver, it received an “Innovation Award”. This award is only awarded to spirits that contain a unique flavor profile. The jury considers products with an “Innovation Award” as innovative and groundbreaking. So news to be proud of!

Apart from the medals that have been achieved in the ‘Gin’ & ‘Genever’ category so far, each of these products also received a ‘Consumer’s Choice Award’. This award is reserved for brands that have entered the SIP Awards for two or more years with a medal. For Filliers Distillery, this is an extra nice recognition that shows that hard work in creating spirits is effectively worth it, year after year.

As icing on the cake, the 10-year-old Single Malt Whisky was appreciated, and received a golden medal which was accepted with great pride. On top of that, there was also the highest prize in terms of appearance and design, a platinum medal and a “Best of Class” recognition within the total category. For these latter medals, the spirit must be named best in the category by each individual jury member. For Filliers Distillery it is a wonderful recognition for the passion & craftsmanship with which all employees make spirits on a daily basis. In addition, partners are also acknowledged & rewarded for creating unique packaging.

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