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Filliers Distillery will import “The King of the Lowlands”

Importing alcoholic beverages started back in the 1970s at Filliers Distillery, when the 4th generation Carlos & Louis Filliers were at the helm. The brothers were good friends with a Flemish wine merchant named Thienpont. They helped to develop each other’s business on an international level.

When the fifth generation, Jan & Bernard Filliers, took over the business of the company in the 1980s, they decided to give up the wine and only focus on importing high-end spirits with an eye on distribution in Belgium & Luxembourg.

As a result, an import portfolio of high-end single malt whiskys from Scotland exists to this day, and Filliers Distillery can call itself a loyal importer of the world’s second most renowned Champagne brand in the world, Charles Heidsieck. It also imports premium rums & liqueurs from all over the world.

Today, an exceptional reference can be proudly added to the import story at Filliers Distillery. The story of Rosebank started in 1840 when a local wine merchant started distilling whisky in a very special way, namely through a triple distillation using worm tub condensers that give a deeper flavor to the spirit. It was an instant success story! By the twentieth century, Rosebank was revered by whisky connoisseurs around the world and viewed as “The King of the Lowlands”.

However, during the 1990s, whisky sales declined and Rosebank eventually had to close its doors. When the structure of the building began to crumble in 2017, Ian Macleod Distillers prevented Rosebank from becoming a footnote in history by buying up the dilapidated whisky location.

Ian Macleod, distillery of renowned brands such as Glengoyne, Tamdhu & Smokehead breathed new life into the buildings and its surrounding community and can today call itself the happy owner of the prestigious brand.

Rosebank’s 30 year old whisky has a spicy, full-bodied whisky on the nose with soft, floral aromas of vanilla, mint, syrup and pear on the palate. This whisky is a hand-selected 30 year old vintage that has been maturing since 1990 and was then bottled in 2020. As the exclusive distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg, Filliers Distillery has received 50 bottles of this exclusive gem.

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